Stepper motors

Before you can connect the stepper motor to RADDS or Silencioso, you need some information on the stepper motor you have.

Look at your motor, find its part number. Then Google it. Try to find a schematic or a data-sheet that will indicate which wire goes to which pole. Note the colors that correspond to each coil.


Wiring diagram for Wantai 42BYGHW609 stepper motor (from

If you can`t find the motor`s part number, you can use another method to find the motor`s pole pairs.
When two wires for a pole (A +C or B+D) touch together it makes a closed circuit for that pole and it gets harder to turn the stepper motor.

  1. Try to turn the motor when no cables touch together – it should turn freely.
  2. Touch two of the cables together – if the motor gets harder to turn, you have found a pole pair. If not, try to touch two other cables together until the motor gets harder to move.
  3. When you have two cables together that makes it harder to turn the motor, you have found a pole pair.
    Note the colors for each pole pair (Pair 1 = 1A +1B, Pair 2 = 2A+2B)


On the Wantai 42BYGHw609 the colors are:
1A = Black
1B = Green
2A = Blue
2B = Red

It does not matter if you swap the pole pairs. If the motor turns the wrong way, you can reverse it in the configuration file.