How to connect an HC-06 RS232 Bluetooth module

  1. Without the extension board

    RADDS + BlueTooth

    Connect the 5V, RX, TX and GND pins on the Bluetooth module to the RADDS AUX1 5V, TX, RX and GND pins.

  2. In combination with the extension board

    RADDS + Extension + BlueTooth

    If you have the Extension Board v2, adding an HC-06 is simple,  plug it in the same way as illustrated in the image (take care and align the VCC, GND, TXD and RXD pins)

    Extension board



    Configure the HC-06 Bluetooth module

    If you have a HC-06 without the correct settings pre-defined from the seller, you may have to alter the baud rate (often set to 9600 or 38400bps by default).
    You need a 3.3V FTDI USB to serial adapter
    Connect the HC-06 to the FTDI adapter:
    TX-RXInstall the Arduino software (Documentation -> Firmware -> Arduino Software)
    Start Arduino and select the FTDI serial port (Tools -> Port)
    In the Arduino menu, select Tools and then Serial monitor

    To test that all is ok, enter AT and press Enter. The serial monitor should respond with OK

    Now you can alter the name on the Bluetooth module by enter AT+NAMERADDS  (RADDS used in this sample) and press enter. The serial monitor should respond with OKsetname

    Alter Baudrate by enter AT+BAUD8 and press Enter. The serial monitor should respnd with OK115200  (115200bps is the default bps in Repetier firmware when you activate Bluetooth)

    If you want to test other baudrates:
    1 = 1200bps
    2 = 2400bps
    3 = 4800bps
    4 = 9600bps
    5 = 19200bps
    6 = 38400bps
    7 = 57600bps
    8 = 115200bps
    9 = 230400bps
    A = 460800bps
    B = 921600bps
    C = 1382400bps

    Other AT commands:
    AT+PIN1234 (where 1234 is the pin used when pairing)
    AT+VERSION – gives the HC-06 firmware version

    Repetier firmware settings


    When using the Repetier Online Confguration tool, select General, then set Bluetooth serial port= Serial 1 and the Baud rate Bluetooth to what you want (Default = 115200 ANSI)