You can configure and download Repetier firmware using the “Repetier-Firmware Configuration tool”

If you use the Repetier host software to control your printer and your printer is acting strange/you Upload get communication errors you may have to alter a setting in the Repetier Host software

  1. Start Repetier host
  2. Click on the “Printer Settings” icon
  3. Alter the “Receive Cache Size” value from 127 to 63


Repetier online firmware configuration tool – Step by step

Basic RADDS settings


If you have generated firmware files using the online tool before, you can open the old configuration.h file to get your last settings into the online tool.
If not, click “Next step”



Select “Arduino DUE based board” as Processor and “Arduino DUE with RADDS” as Motherboard.
Click “Next step”


It is important that you select “Invert enable signal” for all steppers where you use RAPS128 or Silencioso stepper drivers.


In the “User interface” menu, select “RADDS LCD Display 4×20 as Display Controller.


When you are done setting the other settings that are spesific for your printer, go to the “Download” menu and click “Download complete firmware incl. these settings”

Go to your download folder and unzip the downloaded file.

Next step is to upload the firmware to the Arduino DUE or UDO QUAD board (Arduino software chapter).

NOTE: If you use the EEPROM option in the “General” menu the settings in EEPROM will override the settings in the configuration file you upload. If you want to clear the EEPROM values and upload new values from the configuration.h file you have to alter the EEPROM set used (sample from EEPROM set 1 to EEPROM set2)

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