Arduino software

Arduino software

Free software used to edit the configuration files and/or upload new firmware to the Arduino DUE

Select board and com port

  • Click Tools > Board and select “Arduino DUE (programming port)”

    “If you do not find the Arduino DUE in the list, you have to add it to Arduino by clicking Tools > Board > Boards Manager and add Arduino SAM Boards (32-Bits ARM Cortex-M3)”

  • Click Tools > Port and select the port where you connected the DUE board

Open the firmware files 

  • Click File > Open and browse to your firmware folder
  • Find the .ino file (repetier or marlin)
  • If you have used the Repetier online configuration tool to set your printer parameters the firmware is ready so you can upload it to your DUE board.
    If you do not use the online configuration tool or use the Marlin firmware, you have to set your printer parameters by editing the configuration.h fileArduino2

Upload the new firmware to the DUE


When the firmware is ready, klick the “Upload” icon to upload it to the DUE
(use a USB cable to connect the board (programming pot) to your computer)