Current status


  • Stable
  • Full RADDS + RADDS LCD + RAPS128 support

Marin for DUE:

Very limited testing of a small subset of functions have been tested. Testers should watch out for anything going wrong, including unexpected head movement, program hanging and runaway heaters.

  • Most files have been ported
  • basic print functions and LCD have been tested
  • there are dozens of #defines that have not been tested at all

All functions should work except

  • servos
    • PWM control
    • watchdog
    • BlinkM

RepRap Firmware:

  • Presently, there is no support for the RADDS LCD
  • Control the printer using control software like Pronterface, or the PanelDUE LCD panel
  • Strong emphasis on safety
  • Written for ARM
  • Run-time configuration
  • Advanced Delta printer support

RADDS + RepRap Firmware documentation – Work in progress